The InterPark Symphony Card was designed to allow patrons of the Kimmel Center and Avenue of the Arts a quick and easy discounted parking experience at the Symphony House Parking Facility for just $12.00.  The InterPark parking facility located in the Symphony House Condominium is located at 440 South Broad Street on the corner of Pine & Broad (just a block away from the Kimmel Center & Avenue of the Arts). Click here for directions.

Please fill out the information below and an InterPark Symphony Card will be mailed to you within 2 weeks of receiving your request. If you have any questions please contact us at 215-545-2873.
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The Symphony Card is simple to use:

Take a ticket as you enter the garage and park.


1.) Proceed to the Pay Stations located at the Garage entrance or pay the Exit Station located in the exit lane if you are paying with a credit card.

2.) Insert original parking ticket into Pay Station or Exit Station and a fee will be calculated.

3.) Then insert the InterPark Symphony Card with magnetic stripe up and to the left and your rate will be reduced.

Your card will be returned for future uses.

4.) At the Garage entrance Lobby Pay Stations, once the parking fee has been paid your original ticket will be returned to you. Please insert it into the exit lane station to activate the exit gate. If paying at the exit station, the exit station will issue a receipt and the gate will be activated.

The discount is valid when you enter after 5pm Monday through Friday or anytime on the weekends – maximum of 8 hours of parking. This card is not valid with any other discount. A Symphony Card does not guarantee a parking space, and may only be used at the Symphony House Parking Facility. All rates are subject to change. Symphony Cards are valid until December 2009.

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